Susanne Zimmermann: Shiatsu

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Shiatsu in Schöneberg, Berlin

If you would like to try out Shiatsu for the first time, we offer an introductory "Shiatsu-trial" special.

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shi: finger + atsu: pressure

Shiatsu Berlin Schöneberg

How does Shiatsu Work?

Shiatsu is a Japanese finger-pressure massage. It's a unique therapy that combines diagnosis and treatment.
Shiatsu uses various pressure techniques on specific points of the body, specifically on the energy meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, to move Qi (or life-energy) throughout the body.
This way, physical blockages of various origins can be released and the Qi will begin to flow again, mobilizing the body's own healing powers.

Healing and Relief Through Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a gentle therapy that encourages relaxation, the conscious awareness of one's own body, and physiological balance.
Shiatsu is effective both for the prevention and treatment of the illnesses and injuries – including stress – that can arise from everyday living.

Further Information and appointments

My practice in Schöneberg, Berlin, offers a free, in-person consultation, where I'll answer your questions about shiatsu or other treatment modalities.

For inquiries relating to shiatsu, contact:
Susanne Zimmermann

  • 0 30 / 532 16 779


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